December 1941 – The Third Reich has reached Moscow and are preparing the final invasion. The Soviet army has been preparing for the attack, in secret they have constructed a super tank made to protect Russia and drive the Nazi’s out.

You are the chosen tank commander who will be piloting this super weapon. You will be leading the charge against the invading Nazi’s.

Defend Moscow, crush the Reich and take the fight back to Hitler himself!

World Map

    • An Alternate Timeline

Experience notable World War Two battles in The Red Front. Battle from Moscow to Berlin.

    • Survival Mode

Face a never ending hoard of Nazi soliders who progressively get stronger and stronger. Reach new scores and survive for as long as possible.

    • Upgrade Your Tank

Be rewarded with Rubles and buy upgrades from the Workshop. Purchase new shields, weapon upgrades and multiple other bonuses.

    • Achievements and Points

Unlock 34 achievements and reach new top scores.

    • Mutation System

Increase the difficulty by mutating the enemy soldiers. Make them run faster, shoot faster and more.


    • Discover Hidden Technology

Uncover secret Sovet and Nazi projects. From lasers to mutants and the occult, The Red Front takes inspiration from multiple secret projects during World War Two.

    • Day and Night Battles

Play any mission in night time mode for an extra challenge and collect more points.

    • The Secret Level

There are no cows, but collect all the hidden items to unlock the secret level and uncover the Reich’s biggest secret.

    • Random Weather Effects

Sun, Rain, Snow and Storms. Battle through different kinds of weather and reap the achievements.

    • Lead Your Comrades

Your allies will follow you into battle, a dynamic combat system ensures a constantly changing battleground.


Coming to Steam, October 5th, 2017