Achievements and Improvements

The framework for the achievements system has been added in this week. We are planning on supporting both in-game, as well as steam achievements and trading cards.
There are currently five achievements in the game, with 30 more planned. We will be adding more achievements throughout development and through release.

We are edging ever closer to the beta version of The Red Front, whilst we have not committed to dates, we are expecting to be there within the next couple of weeks.

The following items are still to be done prior to declaring The Red Front is in Beta:

  • The more ambitious achievements are added and tested.
  • Mechanism to allow the current planned secret level is tested
  • Improvement of the game menu’s
  • Inclusion of graphic, sound and control options
  • Redesign of the mutation system (creating a system similar to Sanctum 2)
  • First pass of the second mission
  • First pass of the training level
  • Atmospheric world sounds
  • Play testing and feedback collection

The Beta version of the read front will contain the core features of the game, the Beta version will mean there are no drastic changes to the core game mechanics at this point.

The game is currently being developed in a way which will allow easy implementation of planned future free DLC, upon release we will want to see the world of The Red Front expand and show other significant events which occurred during WWII.

As for this weeks patch notes…

New Features and Changes

  • Combat pickups now disappear after 7 seconds.
  • Corrected rotation of tank tracks on player tank.
  • Added sounds effects to combat pickups
  • Make weapon pickups more consistent, if one doesn’t drop within a certain time. The next enemy to be killed will drop one.
  • Reduced drops of shield, health and rocket pickups
  • Fixed Enemy Radar Dots
  • Fixed the Nazi Super tank sounds
  • Add collision noises for tank
  • Added victory / failure sounds
  • New Wave Popup effects and sounds
  • Added Achievement Framework and inclusion of first trial achievements.

New Media

A demonstration of the new achievement system: