Battle Map and Mutator Overhaul

It’s been a bit longer between the last update and this new one, though we have something a bit more special to show.
The Battle Map design has been completed, this is where you select the battles on your way to Berlin.

The mutator system has also been redesigned. We’ve taken inspiration from Sanctum 2 and have applied a similar concept.
Below each mission, there are six black dots. These dots will be filled in as you complete each stage with mutators enabled.

On top of this, various tweaks have been done to the game to make the data flow correctly. We are in the process of tidying up the loading and score result screens, as well as the development of the first training “Bunker” mission.

Language localisation has taken some additional effort to ensure the level select screen and the upgrade workshop is compatible with all of the supported languages.

New Features and Changes

  • New Battleground Selection Screen
  • Overhaul of the Mutator System
  • Inclusion of level pips to mark completion of mutators
  • Modification of the game data flow to support new features
  • Language localistion added to the Level Select Screen and upgrade Workshop

New Media