Bunkers, Upgrades and Redesigns

The Red Army’s super tank has had an array of new components designed to allow for improved combat capability against the Germans. Reinforcements have also been deployed to The Red Front to help protect our most vital assets.

New Features Added:

Upgrade Shop and Rubles:
The Upgrade Shop allows the Tank Commander to purchase improvements for their Super Tank when they collect enough Rubles. Rubles are awarded for completion missions and any bonuses along the way.

Engine Boost Heat Change:
The system of a “press to use” temporary speed boost has been removed. This has been replaced with an “Engine Heat” system. Holding the boost key will greatly accelerate the player, but will cause the engine to gain heat. If it overheats, the boost will be unavailable and it will take considerable time for the engine to cool down again.

Life System:
The player will now only have 3 lives per mission, if they run out of lives they lose the level. On Survival the player only has a single life.

Soviet Bunker:
The Soviet bunker has been deployed to the battle field, the bunker will provide support for the Tank Commander and will be used in critical soviet locations to reinforce defence.
The German Soldiers will tend to ignore the bunkers

The Soviet Bunkers defend their location
The Soviet Bunkers defend their location

Additional Changes:

  • Player tank is now able to rotate on the spot.
  • Enemy Health and Global Damage changes – The system has been overhauled to allow for expansion on current weapon abilities.
  • No more exploding soldiers – As fun as it was, so many on-screen explosions became vomit-inducing.
  • Bleed effects – Enemy soldiers now also bleed instead of catch on fire when hurt, making it a bit more realistic.
  • Enemy Arc Shooting – Enemies will no longer shoot with pin-point accuracy, their bullets will fire within a small randomised arc with each shot. They will miss more often.
  • Player Drone improvement – The drone (and soviet bunker) will now find enemies who have been within their firing range for extended periods of time.
  • Moscow Redesign – The initial level (and current test level) of Moscow has been redesigned to allow for better gameplay testing.
  • Multiple bug fixes – Rocket infantry shooting two rockets, car headlights remaining on at day time and many more bugs fixed.
  • The player-created rocket will no longer harm the player if they are in the splash damage zone.
  • The score multiplier will now be reset upon player death.
  • The mission will be failed if the player dies 3 times.