Radar and Drone Technology, Mutants and Survival


I bring you news from the Eastern Front. We have recently developed new Radar technology which has been finely tuned to pick up all German Nazi’s within the immediate area.
This will prevent us from having to spend countless hours hunting down dug-in Nazi’s who are hiding from the Red Armies might.
Also on the research front is Drone Technology, you may choose to purchase one to aid you. It will be expensive but will be a massive boon on the front.

We’ve also had a new challenge come to light. It is Survival. All of the recently cleared area’s are once again under Nazi threat and will be constantly bombarded until we can’t hold out any longer. Every subsequent round of soldiers will be tougher and more hardened than the last. This is surely a battle we cannot win, but we will fight until the very end.

On top of this, a lot of bugs have been worked out of our technology but there are always new ones popping up as we develop our capabilities.


New Features Added:
The Radar will show the location of all enemy soldiers, this will assist with finding any stragglers and will help plan the best course of attacking the enemy.

Soviet Radar Technology
Soviet Radar Technology is now in the game!

Survival Mode:
Survival mode is a new game mode that can be played once the main story mission has been completed on any given level. You will face an endless onslaught of German Soldiers who will progressively get harder with each new round. Of course for each new round, the score reward increases.

The Nazi’s have been experimenting to create a new breed of super-soldier.
These Mutators can be set on story-mode missions for an extra challenge and will be applied for each new round in Survival Mode. Be careful to not face the strongest soldiers, it would surely be suicide!

Players will be able to purchase a drone to follow them into combat. The drones are fairly powerful, they contribute to your score and are a must-have endgame item. The drones will follow you and attack any Nazi which gets near your tank.

Soviet Drone
Soviet Drone


Luftwaffe spotted in Russia

The Luftwaffe have been spotted in Russia!

The German Light Bomber has been added into the game, this won’t be appearing in the early missions due to the amount of damage it can inflict upon the battlefield.
You will be able to shoot the plane down out of the sky, or attempt to dodge it’s bombs.

Be warned that it will have a considerable amount of health. These are also likely to come in packs to catch the player. Shooting one down will give a considerable boost to your in-game score.

The Player dodging the Bombers… bombs.

Website Launch

Welcome to the new site for The Red Front!

We’ll be posting the latest news on the development of the Red Front every Friday as well as updating the site with new media and important information.

The Red Front is currently in early Beta development with a target release date of June 2017.