German Tank Advancements and the Advent of Sound

The Red Front has been quiet over the Christmas period, there have still been some updates from the front lines.

The German Reich has been busy developing new war machines to better combat the Soviet Super Tank. The latest addition to their arsenal is the Nazi Super Tank.
Our engineers have also been hard at work to improve audio reception. The Tank Commander now has select sounds relayed to their headset. This will assist with battlefield tactics.
We suspect that there will be more improvements to come over the next few weeks.

New Features Added:

The Nazi Super Tank:
The Germans have been hard at work to create additional tanks to combat the Soviet Super Tank, they have invested heavily in their own technology.
While not as powerful, the new Nazi tanks will be sure to deal copious amounts of damage.
Nazi Supertank

The Advent of Sound:
Audio has started to make an appearance into the game, starting with gun shots and soon to work on to engine noise, ambient and more.

More will be added over the coming weeks, Christmas has slowed development but will again be ramping up now we’re in the new year.