The Red Front is Released!

The Red Front is Released!

We are proud to announce that The Red Front is now available on Steam. After 14 months of development, we have rolled out the final pre-release patch and have the game ready for all players.

Take advantage of a 20% launch discount and be one of the first to experience this World War Two action-arcade shooter.

Launch Trailer:

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Game play Trailer and Release Date

The Red Front will be available on Steam on the 5th of October.

To celebrate this, we have released the game play trailer!


The website ( has also had a facelift with lots of new content added.

There have been many changes over the last two weeks in The Red Front, steam integration, bug fixing, balancing and translations have been added.
This list is not exhaustive due to the amount of changes which have been made, but do represent the bulk of the changes:

  • Steam achievement integration
  • Armour upgrades have been fixed on all levels
  • Support for Russian and German languages have been added
  • The enemies spawned on each level has been refined
  • The player laser no longer hits the enemy airbomber
  • Changes to collision objects on Warsaw and Berlin.
  • The flamethrower enemies are no longer heard across the level when using their weapon
  • A new splash screen has been added, as well as new logo art
  • Enemy an ally spawns have been fixed across Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin and Leningrad
  • River Don has had snow enabled on the level
  • Volume control settings now correctly work across all scenes
  • The steam store front has been built

New promotional images have also been added for the store and main website front – a few of them are below (Including the new logo for the game!):

It has been a very long journey in the development of The Red Front, however it has been very rewarding. We are very excited for the release and are hoping you are as well.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing more play testing to ensure the game balance is right and that all bugs have been fixed.

Steam keys for reviewers, youtubers and twitchers will be released this week with an embargo of reviews/streams for the 5th of October in place.
If you are interested in a review of The Red Front, you can apply here:

  • Comrade Tim

Indie Dev Testing and Design Improvements

This week we took some time from development to showcase The Red Front at a local Indie Dev night at Netherworld Arcade in Brisbane.

Being the first public show of the game, this was a large milestone for the project. There were a large array of players with different skill levels, ranging from brand new gamers all the way to professional game designers from the other studio’s on the night.

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Vilnius and Prohorovka

This week in The Red Front we have been working on delivering the two latest missions – Vilnius and Prokhorovka.
This release also features the Nazi Super Tank, Super Soldier, Remote Bomb and Laser Tanks. Read more below!

Review Keys

We are still accepting interest for Review Keys for The Red Front, we have a broad selection criteria so even if you are a smaller streamer or reviewer; be sure to drop us a message.
You can apply for keys here: Review Key Registration (click)

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