Updates and Improvements

The Red Front is quickly verging upon the first Beta version. For the game, this means that the bulk of the games base features have been implemented.
The base features consist of the games systems (AI, Weapons, Upgrades, Weather, Cash, Mutations etc) have been implemented and are working as intended. The art style has been chosen, sounds are being implemented, bugs are being fixed and optimisations are being put in place.

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Nazi Laser Tanks and Upgrades

The Nazi Reich has developed laser technology to try to combat The Red Army’s advanced weaponry. They have also been applying more armour and stronger weaponry to the bucket cars. These advancements are still not comparable to our own, though it is cause for concern as they may develop stronger weaponry.

New Features Added

  • German Laser Tank
    The German Laser Tank has taken advantage of the Soviet Weaponry and has been deployed to the Nazi War Machine. These tanks can deal pinpoint damage and are heavily armoured.

Nazi Laser Tank

  • Armoured Bucket Car
    New weapons have been deployed to the latest bucket cars, as well as reinforced armour. These new cars are very powerful and can move very quickly. They will need to be a priority target for the tank commander.

Armoured Bucket Car

  • Combat Pickups Improved
    The look of the combat pickups has been improved, shield recharge pickups and extra rocket drops have been added. These have a chance to drop when an enemy is destroyed and provide an extra combat boost for the commander.

Combat Pickups

  • Terrain Improvements
    The terrain of the first level has been improved, adding more variety to the first stage.


New Media

See a preview of the newest updates in action:

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Shields, Weather and HUD

The weather has once again taken a turn for the worse on The Red Front. There is now far more unpredictability in the weather cycles, it may storm one day, then rain or even snow the next. The storms have been growing in intensity with heavy rain and lots of lightning. Could this be foreboding at something evil to occur?

The soviet engineers have been working hard on the commanders tank HUD, displaying the most accurate information possible in a presentable way.
We will be continuing to implement more HUD features to give the commander the edge on the battlefield.

New Features Added

  • Dynamic Weather System

There are four new weather systems in The Red Front, the weather will be randomly chosen when you start a new level. The most common weather type is a normal sunny day. There is also rain, snow and a storm.
The storm may be hinting at something evil stirring on The Red Front, so stay alert to find why it is occuring.

  • Shield Particle Effects

When the tank commander has a shield up, any damage taken from an enemy will create a distortion effect on the commanders shield. This creates another visual queue for the commander to gauge their health.

  • New UI elements

The UI has begun to receive updates, the newer UI is far more sleek and informative. There will be additional features to the in game HUD added over the future.

  • Camera Screen Clamps and Screen Aspect Ratio support

The Red Front will now support the most common screen resolutions, the camera has been clamped to remain within the game world and will now overshoot the boundaries of the map. This helps prevent immersion-breaking game play and help the commander focus more upon the battlefield

Multiple bug fixes have also been made in the game, these vary from Soldier AI (stopping suicidal rocket infantry units) to fixing minor issues such as sprite lighting effects.

New Media Added

Watch the below video for a display of the latest updates!

Unity Development Tutorial – Tank Turret Rotation

I’ve had some requests to create some tutorials showing how The Red Fronts back-end works. In a way of giving back to the game development community, I’ve decided to create some basic tutorial series that will be regularly updated.

Through these series you will get a look “under the hood” of the game and see how some of the code works. Those interested may choose to follow along with the development.


Unity – How to make a 2D Tank Game – Player Tank Part 1

This tutorial is based off the player-controlled tank for The Red Front which is currently in development.

Arcade-Action games are a very popular Genre. By following this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a playable tank, make its turret rotate and follow the mouse. In a later tutorial, you will learn how to make the tank move and make it shoot.

You will need to create some basic art, one for the “body” of the tank and one for the “turret” of the tank. These two parts will move independently to each other so will be drawn in two segments.

This tutorial has been written for beginners and assumes basic knowledge of Unity and C# programming.

Skill Level: Beginner

Prepare the game objects and link reference sprites.

The tank we are building will comprise of two separate game objects. One object for the “body” of the tank and one game object for the tank turret. The turret will move independently to the tank body and will be set up to track the player mouse.

The basic setup required for this is as follows:

  • Create two independent game objects in the unity hierarchy (Named TankBody and TankTurret).
  • Add sprite-renderer components to each of the newly created game objects, link your tank body art and tank turret art to each applicable game object
  • In the hierarchy view, drag and drop the TankTurret object onto the TankBody object. This will set the TankTurret object to be a child object of the TankBody object.

Following this, you will have the following hierarchy structure and objects created.

Note: If you have any issues with the turret appearing behind the tank body, select the TankTurret object and set the “order in layer” to 1.

Create a new C# script and attach it to the turret Game Object

The following stage will add a new C# script to the turret object which will cause the turret to track the player cursor.

  • Select the TankTurret object and Select Add Component
  • Click New Script, name it TurretTrack and make sure C# is selected for the language
  • Once the script has been added to the object, right click the script from the inspector when you have the TankTurret object selected and click “Edit Script” and paste the following code:

public int rotationOffset = 0; // This will offset the rotation of the object as it tracks the mouse. This is required to correctly set rotation values
void FixedUpdate() {
Vector3 difference = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint (Input.mousePosition) - transform.position; // This will calculate the distance between the mouse in the game and the position of the tank turret
difference.Normalize (); // This returns simplified values which makes it easier to work with
float angle = Mathf.Atan2(difference.y, difference.x) * Mathf.Rad2Deg; // This calculates the angle between the mouse and the turret by using the values derives from the difference calculation.
transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards (transform.rotation, Quaternion.Euler (0f, 0f, angle + rotationOffset), 200 * Time.deltaTime); // This will rotate the turret towards the calculated angle over time. Tweaking the multiplication value will state how quickly or slowly it will rotate.

  • Build the script and you can then press the play button. The turret will now “almost” track the mouse

  • To fix the tracking issue, select the turret object and expand the rotation script. In the Rotation Offset box, write “270” so the script will offset the rotation of the turret by 270 degrees.
  • Press play again, you will now see the tank turret tracks the mouse properly.


You have now created your tank, created a moving turret and have it correctly following the mouse.

There may be some additional questions, so I have created a few example questions below:

  • Why has the script been added under “fixed update”?
    1. The Fixed Update receives a dedicated cpu timeslot, the update section is susceptible to frame-rate issues. It’s a good idea to place critical updates for your game in fixed update rather than update. As the player tank turret is core to gameplay, this script has been included under a fixed update.
  • I want the turret to follow something other than the mouse, is this hard to do?
    1. It’s fairly easy to do, you just need to reference another objects transform point and replace the screentoworldpoint method with the referenced objects transform (i.e. targetobject.transform.position)
  • I have other issues with the script and hoping you can help?
    1. Contact us on social media or leave a comment here, we will do our best to reply as soon as we can.

Bonus Segment, Sprite Rotation Point

If you would like your turret to rotate around a different central point, select the art piece that you have and click “sprite editor”. The central circle is the sprites rotation point, drag this to your desired location and hit “apply”. Everything else will magically just work!

About This Tutorial Series:

This tutorial series is being written by the developer of “The Red Front”, these tutorials are aimed at new unity users who are interested in getting involved in Game Development. These tutorials are real-world examples based off methods that are currently used in The Red Front. Visit us at www.theredfront.com





Lasers, Upgrades and Damage Testing

Tank Laser

The Red Army has deployed the new LUDT program (Lasers, Upgrades and Damage Testing). In order to better crush the Nazi Reich, new weaponry has been researched and installed onto the Commanders tank.
As part of the LUDT program, several Nazi’s have been captured and “influenced” to remain perfectly still so the lasers can be refined. You can see the results of the LUDT program in the below demonstration video.


New Features Added

  • The tank commander now has laser upgrades available
    • There are 7 upgraded from of lasers, each more powerful than the last
    • The most powerful laser upgrade is able to easily cut through multiple Nazi soldiers at the same time

Spring War and Fixes

Russian Village

The last few weeks have been concentrating on bug fixes, graphical improvements and minor features which add more to the overall game play.

The current focus of development is to polish up the existing systems, remove bugs and any lingering AI issues to make the game feel more polished.
There are more base features still planned to be added into the game, these will be shown off over the next few months of development.

A new video displaying the current state of alpha game play has been added, feel free to watch and comment with any feedback or suggestions you might have.

A short (not fully inclusive) change list for the current version is below:

  • Added flamethrower sounds
  • Added enemy bullet sounds
  • Re balanced player bullet sounds and music sounds
  • Corrected tank turret orientation
  • Smoothed enemy tank turret targeting
  • Added sounds to enemy rockets
  • Added sounds to enemy tank
  • Added tread to enemy tank
  • Added tyre marks to enemy bucket car
  • Added footsteps to infantry units
  • Added propellers and sounds to bomber
  • Modified AI to check for clear shot when tar getting player
  • Added art for houses
  • Added new trees
  • Changed terrain for test map
  • Modified tree scripts

New Media


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The Fire of War

The holiday break is now over, we have kicked off development of The Red Front once again. As it’s been a short week, there are fewer updates but lots more planned for the future.
As for the news:

The Third Reich has deployed their latest type of infantry to the battle lines – The Flamethower Super Solider.
These soldiers are capable of dealing quick, massive amounts of damage to their targets. They will pose a serious threat on the battlefield and should be eliminated as a priority.

New Features Added

Nazi Flamethrower Infantry
The flamethrower infantry have been added to the game, these are comparable to the standard mini gun super solider in terms of toughness, but they deal much more damage at closer range.Nazi Flamethrower

New World Objects / Doodads
Barbed Wire and new Tree’s have been added

New Cross-hair added

New Media

See a preview of the new Flamethower solider in action:


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Snow, Rain and Music in The Red Front

Rain in the Red Front

Weather in The Red Front has started to change, we’ve seen snow, rain and even thunderstorms on the front lines. Though never fear, we have also added the Soviet Propaganda System to the Super Tank.
The Red Army Choir will be sung out across the battlefield. This will embolden our troops and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. They will know when the Red Army is coming for them!

New Features Added

Rain, Snow, Grass, Thunder
A new weather system has been introduced into the game, you’ll have the chance of encountering snow, rain and thunderstorms during battle.

Rain in the Red Front

The Soviet Propaganda Machine has been installed to the Super Tank. You’ll hear songs from the Red Choir played over the hidden speakers and echo across the battlefields. This will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and give hope to our fellow comrades.

Snow has been removed from the ground to assist with the development of the weather system. This is likely to stay for the near future whilst systems are further improved.

Additional sounds have been added into the game, more explosions, rockets and engine sounds are now present.
Atmospheric sounds have also started to be added to the game, you’ll now be able to hear the wind and rain.

New Media

See a preview of the latest updates in the below video:

In other news, we are set to go on holidays, have a safe few weeks whilst we’re away!
We are unlikely to post any news over our break, we will be back from the 15th of February and will be kicking off development soon after.
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