Nazi Super Soldiers, Guerilla Warfare and Objectives

Reports have come in that the German Reich has been genetically engineering their soldiers to create a new breed of Super Soldier. Our spies have verified these mutant soldiers have enhanced strength, speed and increased pain tolerance. They have been seen lifting immense weapons and will be a force on the battlefield.
We’ve refined our Guerilla Warfare tactics for the super tank, we are now able to crash through the forest and ambush the Nazi army. Be warned that if you are not driving fast enough, you will get stuck on the trees.

The Nazi’s have also learnt of several weak points along the Red Front. You will need to protect these points, be warned that the Reich will be expending considerable resources to destroy these. If they are destroyed we will certainly lose the battle; if not the war.

New Features Added:

Nazi Super Soldier:
The Nazi Super Solider is a result of the Nazi genetic engineering program. These soldiers are stronger, faster and can take a lot more damage on the battlefield. They should be destroyed as a priority.

The Nazi Super Soldier

Enemy Objectives:
The Enemy soldiers now have an objective to destroy, they will be targeting gates, buildings, cars or any other important structures critical to their side of the war effort.
Loss of these structures may result in mission failure. Enemies will ignore their objective and attack/chase the player if they are too close.

Destructible Trees / Environments:
The Super Tank can now run over trees, but will be slowed upon doing so. If the tank isn’t going fast enough it will get stuck and just shake the tree. Enemies will be able to follow the player through any forest paths cleared.

Player Lives:
The player will now only have three lives per level. If you die three times you will fail the mission. Score multipliers are also reset upon death for additional penalty.

Additional Changes:

  • Removed player missile splash damage from hurting player.
  • Enemies and the player now shoot in a randomised cone, making it more realistic and possible for both the enemies and player to miss.
  • Enemies now have a set agro range, they will engage the player and ignore the objective if the player comes too close.
  • Complete overhaul of player bullet damage and firing speed, creating more variety in weapon upgrade levels.
  • Player Tank can now turn on the spot for more realistic tank-style movement.
  • Minigun added to player tank, bullets now originate from the minigun. This leaves the main barrel reserved for rocket firing only.
  • Changed graphic of base bullet, the function remains unchanged.


New Media:

Alpha preview video showing the enemy path update upon destruction of the trees. This displays a grid mesh update to let the enemy AI know they are able to enter the area.

Alpha Preview of the Enemy Objective System and the new Nazi Super Solider