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The Red Front

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Release Date: 5th October 2017
Players: Single Player
Platform: PC / Windows
Available: Steam Store

About The Red Front

The Red Front is an action-arcade single player game set during World War Two. In this game, the player will take command of a secret Soviet super tank which is loaded full of futuristic technology.
The player will fight alongside allies through historically significant battles with a range of various objectives and missions. Throughout the game the player will come across secret Nazi projects, ranging from mutant super soldiers to secret technology and practice of occult magic.

Players have the ability to revisit levels to achieve new high scores, earn more rubles (cash) and play in survival mode against never ending waves of enemies who get stronger over time.

Alongside this, there is an additional secret level in The Red Front which will be revealed once one special item is collected from every level in the game.

History of The Red Front

The Red Front is developed by a solo developer and was originally inspired by the bullet-hell game genre. The initial prototype of the game had a focus on tank-vs-tank combat. Over the games development, further realism was added into the game and inclusion of allied Soviet units were added to create further depth to the levels.
The Red Front began development in mid 2016.

The Future of The Red Front

There are major content updates planned for The Red Front. These content updates will be released for free to all players of the game

  • The first content release will focus on the inclusion of additional Soviet allies and the inclusion of two additional levels with a focus on fast-paced intense battles.
  • The second content release will focus on addition of cut-content such as Nazi hover-tanks, anti-tank weaponry as well as additional weapons and upgrades.
  • The third content release will add more factions (Militia, Italian and American troops) into the game and more diverse battles (faction vs faction vs faction).

Main Features

  • A single player experience focusing on fighting through historic battles on The Eastern (Red) Front
  • Fast-paced combat and a variety of missions and objectives
  • Experience hidden technology and secret war projects
  • A mutation system used to control game difficulty and increase the rewards
  • Survival mode – fight against endless waves which become progressively tougher
  • Night mode – play each level at night for additional points
  • Workshop upgrades – improve your tank using rubles from successful missions.
  • The secret level – All we will say is there are no cows on this level!
  • Battle with AI controlled comrades at your side
  • Random weather effects – Sunny, Rainy, Stormy and Snowy.

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