Reinforcements have arrived. No longer will you have to fight alone on The Red Front. Soviet Comrades have joined the battle to push the Nazi’s back and win the war.

This week we have started work on the newest mission – The Battle of Kalach.
This mission is set during a soviet counter-attack on the advancing German Sixth Army. You have been sent to assist the Soviet Stalingrad Front in order to prevent a major German invasion on the City of Stalingrad. In historical terms, this battle was a victory, but short lived as the Germans soon managed to invade Stalingrad soon after.

On the development side, we have once again tweaked the enemy AI to be able to support the new allied units. We’ve developed a robust system for the allied units to be able to attack the enemy troops and assist the player where needed.
This new system will allow us to have much more extensive battles where the player would have been overwhelmed by the amount of troops. There are still further refinements to come for the AI with optimisations, but this currently allows for large-scale battles for over 100 troops.

New Allies

Two new allies have been developed, the Soviet Rifle Unit and the Soviet Tank (Closely modeled after the Soviet T-34 Medium Tank).

Soviet T34 Tank


Soviet Rifle Unit


Other Changes

  • Mozhaysk has received additional environment changes to better support the AI and create more dynamic battles
  • Enemy spawn locations and waves have been changed on Mozhaysk
  • Leningrad civilians will now be shot by Nazi troops if they get too close, 100 civilian deaths will cause the player to lose the level
  • Losing two trucks on Mozhaysk now causes the player to lose the level
  • Enemies will now shoot rockets at Mozhaysk Trucks and Leningrad Civilians – You will need to be even more careful now
  • The weapon drop script will no longer drop multiple weapon upgrades¬† at once if multiple units are killed at the same time


New Media

Watch the Reinforcements in action below!

Leningrad Civilians Under Attack