Spring War and Fixes

The last few weeks have been concentrating on bug fixes, graphical improvements and minor features which add more to the overall game play.

The current focus of development is to polish up the existing systems, remove bugs and any lingering AI issues to make the game feel more polished.
There are more base features still planned to be added into the game, these will be shown off over the next few months of development.

A new video displaying the current state of alpha game play has been added, feel free to watch and comment with any feedback or suggestions you might have.

A short (not fully inclusive) change list for the current version is below:

  • Added flamethrower sounds
  • Added enemy bullet sounds
  • Re balanced player bullet sounds and music sounds
  • Corrected tank turret orientation
  • Smoothed enemy tank turret targeting
  • Added sounds to enemy rockets
  • Added sounds to enemy tank
  • Added tread to enemy tank
  • Added tyre marks to enemy bucket car
  • Added footsteps to infantry units
  • Added propellers and sounds to bomber
  • Modified AI to check for clear shot when tar getting player
  • Added art for houses
  • Added new trees
  • Changed terrain for test map
  • Modified tree scripts

New Media


As always, feel free to follow us on social media and check in to our page regularly for any development updates.