Start Menu and Options

This week has been spent implementing game configuration options, as well as the front splash menu.

The village featured on the first mission (Moscow Defense) has been chosen as the backdrop.

Implementing the new menu’s and all features has been a considerable task, Unity focuses primarily on “Hard-set” configuration that is set prior to launching a game. This isn’t good design as players cannot edit game options unless they exit and re-launch the game.
We have implemented a new player control system, graphic options and audio options.

The Red Front will now also support game pads, we are fortunate that the games design easily translates through to controller support. We do not have to sacrifice or compromise any in-game controls, features or designs to be able to cater for both methods like other games such as Diablo 3.

All game audio and music has been tied to a mixer system, players can drop down sound effects and choose to boost the music level and vice-versa.

New Features and Changes

  • New in-game menu added
  • New start screen and menu added
  • New options settings
  • Ability to bind new game controls
  • Video settings added
  • Audio settings added
  • Basic controller support added
  • In-game audio has been redirected to audio mixers to provide support for the audio settings
  • Minor bug fixes to enemy infantry units
  • New music added to the start screen

New Media