The Fire of War

The holiday break is now over, we have kicked off development of The Red Front once again. As it’s been a short week, there are fewer updates but lots more planned for the future.
As for the news:

The Third Reich has deployed their latest type of infantry to the battle lines – The Flamethower Super Solider.
These soldiers are capable of dealing quick, massive amounts of damage to their targets. They will pose a serious threat on the battlefield and should be eliminated as a priority.

New Features Added

Nazi Flamethrower Infantry
The flamethrower infantry have been added to the game, these are comparable to the standard mini gun super solider in terms of toughness, but they deal much more damage at closer range.Nazi Flamethrower

New World Objects / Doodads
Barbed Wire and new Tree’s have been added

New Cross-hair added

New Media

See a preview of the new Flamethower solider in action:


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