Updates and Improvements

The Red Front is quickly verging upon the first Beta version. For the game, this means that the bulk of the games base features have been implemented.
The base features consist of the games systems (AI, Weapons, Upgrades, Weather, Cash, Mutations etc) have been implemented and are working as intended. The art style has been chosen, sounds are being implemented, bugs are being fixed and optimisations are being put in place.

The first (non-training) level, Moscow is close to being complete and subject to further play testing. This doesn’t mean all features have been implemented, the subsequent stages will require their own mechanics (these mechanics are still to be revealed) and boss units are still to be added.

This weeks update focuses on improvements, bug fixes and adjustments.
These updates, though less exciting, greatly improve the immersion and style of the game. The changes are very noticeable during testing and make things more enjoyable.

New Features and Changes

  • Made explosions prettier
  • Added tree stumps
  • Added tree nudge and destruction sounds
  • Added collection sounds to combat pickups
  • Added sounds, particles and animation to the German Bomber
  • Added a display for the current weapon level, the max weapon level is currently 15
  • Added a player regeneration indicator to show when the health and shield bar will start to recharge
  • Added score counter sounds
  • Created an animation for the Score, Multiplier and Upgrade HUD display
  • Only able to collect shield or health combat pickups when damaged
  • Changed tank/tyre tread alpha to be semi-transparent across all objects
  • Reduce length of player laser
  • Fixed music player issue (will play variety of music now)
  • German infantry will now sporadically yell phrases at the player and at other soldiers (cosmetic feature)
  • Made rocket infantry take aim, they will be much less like the police from idiocracy
  • Fixed infantry gib layer
  • Fixed bug with shield particle display
  • Fixed bug with the tank squishing enemy units
  • You will now receive points when squishing enemy units


New Media

Alpha Game play Footage