Upgrades and Playtesting

This week has been busy once more, we’ve been conducting internal play testing to find bugs, problems, suggestions and improvements for The Red Front.

The play testing has been invaluable, feedback is still being collected but the amount of information provided has been helpful in prioritising workflow and making improvements.

Most notably, the following changes have been made after the current feedback collection:

  • Language localised text now defaults to english. Prior to this players would encounter garbled illogical text upon first launch.
  • Menu button feedback has been improved, bringing more life to the game menu’s
  • A minor redesign of the level select screen, the mission brief is now displayed in a pop-up to direct players attention to the scenario.
  • Weapon and Armour upgrade sprites have been added, when collecting more powerful weapons and armour, the player will now see changes to their tank.
  • The workshop menu has been modified to be more visually appealing and responsive.
  • The bunker mission has had minor changes made to the objectives and flow, making it easier to follow.
  • The electricity ball has had the hitbox size increased

We will continue to focus on the play testing to drive our immediate development, but will also be starting progress upon the next stage as well as some of the enemy bosses.

Below you can see the progression of the sprites for the tank body and tank turret.

View a video of these upgrades in action here: