Vilnius and Prohorovka

This week in The Red Front we have been working on delivering the two latest missions – Vilnius and Prokhorovka.
This release also features the Nazi Super Tank, Super Soldier, Remote Bomb and Laser Tanks. Read more below!

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Prokhorovka was a notable battle during world war two as it is estimated to have been one of the largest tank battles in history. Another unique feature of this battle was it was declared as a victory by both the Nazi’s and the Soviet’s. This is due to the Soviets successfully defending Prohorovka allowing for a successful counter-attack, but they suffered heavy tank losses to the German army.

The battleground is set over a large map to allow for the additional number of tanks, bucket cars and bombers which will be present on the battlefield.

Provhorovka Battle Map

As mentioned, the main feature of this map is a tank vs tank style of battle. There will be a lot of heavy units on the stage at any given time.

This level also introduces the Nazi Super Tank and the Remote Bomb

This unit is a ferocious enemy to face in combat. The dual cannons and dual machine guns can deal a considerable amount of damage very quickly. These units will also quickly cut through your allies so be sure to kill these when they appear.

The remote bomb will seek out the player at a very fast pace, once in range it will detonate itself and deal a fair chunk of damage. It is a very weak unit so killing it will be easy if you are quick enough.


Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, as the soviets started to push deeper into Nazi controlled territory, they liberated several major cities along the way.

Vilnius Battle Map

Vilinus has been designed to restrict the amount of movement the player has on the level and ensure more close-quarter combat. One of the additions to this level is the Nazi Super Solider and the Laser Tank.

The units present on the battlefield will get stronger as the player gets closer to the heart of the German Empire.

Super Soldiers – Minigun and Flamethrower

The Nazi Super Soldiers are a result of their genetic engineering programs, these soldiers are larger, stronger, move faster and deal more damage.

Nazi Laser Tank

In response to the latest soviet weaponry, the Nazi’s have taken some inspiration to create their own laser weaponry. The Nazi Laser Tank will deal very fast damage with pinpoint accuracy. They are a bit weaker due to their size, but are definitely a tough unit on the battlefield.

New Media

Watch the battles in action in the following video!