Workshop Overhaul and Game Tweaks

We’re still in full spin for The Red Front as we verge upon Beta. At present we are approximately just under 2 weeks out.

This week we have had an overhaul of the upgrade shop. We found the old shop to not be satisfying and there was no real sense of progress as players upgraded their tank. We have redesigned the shop to provide better indicators of the tank strength and give players a real sense of gaining beneficial upgrades.

We have also made a considerable amount of fixes and changes to the game.

Change Notes

  • Added tiered Workshop menu on the level screen
  • Players are now awarded rubles after completing each mission. Missions can be replayed to earn additional rubles
  • The engine heat bar animation has been fixed so it is always accurately displaying the correct value
  • The options screen for Moscow and The Bunker have been fixed
  • The in-game menu has been modified to support language localisation
  • Music has been added to the score screen
  • Mutator count has been correctly adjusted for in game score purposes
  • Added functionality for the Weapon Drop Workshop Upgrade
  • Added functionality for the Missile Drop Workshop Upgrade
  • Added functionality for the Soviet Drone Workshop Upgrade
  • Tweaked the drone AI, shooting and sounds to make it more powerful
  • Corrected issue with loading transition screen
  • Score menu has been removed from its own scene and included as an additional panel that pops up on level completion
  • Fixed the core calculation when mutators are in effect
  • Language Localisation support added to Score Screen
  • Corrected Score Screen active multiplier count
  • Corrected Survival Mode score storage

There are numerous other changes made to the game which have not been recorded here.

This week coming, we will be focusing upon the third mission (Evacuation of Leningrad), squishing bugs, adding more achievements and ensuring player data is correctly saved. We will then be entering an internal beta for our play testers to try out.
Following the internal play test, we will make further modifications and then work on the rest of the levels for The Red Front.

We are still on track for a September/October release, now the core mechanics are mainly in place we will start to see the game quickly shape up.

Comrade Tim.